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144 Patches Acne Pimple Patch Face Invisible Stickers

144 Patches Acne Pimple Patch Face Invisible Stickers

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1.Hydrocolloid Patch Protecting Wounded Skin
Hydrocolloid prevents secondary by blocking micro dust and . It also quickens recovery by absorbing exudation of wound. It minimizes scar of wound by fostering moist environment and protects wounded area.
2.Low Stimulus Moist Dressing
Hydrocolloid dressing enables fine ventilation of wound and enhances care effect. Minimizes skin irritation and you can use the patch anywhere anytime since it is clear and not conspicuous.
3.Emergency Care, Intense Care and Multi Care
Right after the wound is made, after extruding sebum, emergency care for trouble, when covering skin trouble, right after burning moles, and so on. You can use patch any time.
4.Quasi Drugs (Protection of wounded Skin)
It is certified by FDA to be quasi drug for protection of wound. It can be used by anyone from teenagers to adults. It makes clean environment for wounded skins and prevents secondary .

How to Use
1. Cleanse the area around problem spot.
2. Select a bigger size patch than the problem spot and attach the patch to the spot.

This product is fast and convenient in treatment, without any irritation to the skin, the treatment process is easy, without any pain; the effect is quick, the treatment course is short; it is fast, safe, and without side effects. It kills many kinds of bacteria that cause acne and has a strong effect, so that it will disappear in time.


Category: Acne Patch
Brand: skin tag
Applicable skin type: normal, general, oily, dry, sensitive, mixed
Efficacy: Warts and acne
Material: Hydrocolloid
Net content: 144 capsules
Shelf life: 3 years
Production date: latest
Quantity: 1


The package includes
1X acne warts removal patch (144 tablets)


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