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Multi Function Vegetable Cutter

Multi Function Vegetable Cutter

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Material: ABS+PET+PP+304 Stainless Steel+420J2+430





Shake a circle ≈ cut 44 times

(The roots are distinct and the length can meet a variety of cooking needs)



Confined space safe use

No more risk with your hands



One machine with many functions, easy to cook, even large quantities can be satisfied


A variety of ingredients, all kinds of enjoyment


Four-in-one function, filament/slicing/flat filament/grinding




Longer diameter makes feeding more convenient


Put the ingredients directly, no need to change the knife



Increase the feeding caliber by 40%


It is more convenient to reduce the change of knife and put it directly




[Latch type] Knife barrel holder One press the blade to automatically lift up

Simple and quick blade replacement, safe and not hurting your hands





Four functions and three blades to meet 90% cutting and matching needs


Easily add dishes, not easy to spill and mess up the table




1 Shredded blade


Shreds: suitable for home-style stir-fry, cold dishes, etc., with edges and corners, good taste


2 Flat wire/grinding blade


Flat wire: recommended as fillings, cold dishes, etc. Can cut nut cheese, flattened wire


3 Slicing blade


Thin slices: recommended for cold skewers, hot pot, fried potato chips, etc. The higher the pressure, the thinner the slices.




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