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Portable Foldable Washing Machine

Portable Foldable Washing Machine

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Moyu Foldable Washing Machine Portable Automatic Inlet and Drainage Electric Drum Wash Machine Underwear Sock Baby Clothes Travel



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Comparison of 2 Models

Product Overview (BF99-02MA)

Moyu Automatic Folding Washing Machine

Fully automatic water intake and drainage, free hands

Silver ion antibacterial wave wheel

blue light cleaning

one touch water drainage

Core Functions

One click water drainage

Silver ion antibacterial ware wheel

Blue light cleaning

Automatic water inlet and drainage

Press door cover

water saving

Power saving

Powerful suction cup

Powerful motor

Light tone work

Underwear Classfied Washing

Keep up with the fashion life rhythm

Hand wash underwear that can't escape

Cross infection of close-fitting clothes mixed wash

Traditional washing machine consumes water and electricityand cannot sterilize

Triple Protection "Inside" Care

Sterilization rate ≥ 99.9%

1. Bacteriostatic wave wheel

Suppress from the source to clean clothes as before.

2. Silver ion sterilization

For common gynecological bacteria

Sterilization rate

(The test proves that it can effectively kill Candida albicans, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus)

3. Blue light cleaning

Blue light shines on clothes

Deep cleaning

Intelligent Rinsing And Reassuring Cleaning

High water level rinsing/deep penetration enhanced washing/residue removal

Automatic water inflow / Automatic drainage

Stable adsorption

Easy to deploy

Strong suction cup adsorbs desktop

Simply pull the clasp with both hands to unfold calmly

Special structure design and polymer material experience upgrading


4 strong suction cupsat the bottom

Stable adsorption table or table top


TPE polymer body

Flexible folding transformation

6 mins quick draining

Quickly reduce water content and dry faster


High speed drainage

Usage of drain basket

Unfold the drain basket

Press the buckle with both hands

Folding drain basket

Press the edge with both hands

Blue light irradiation deep cleaning

Blue light technology combined with silver ion and high temperature washing at 60 °C

No dead space, deep sterilization clean clothes as before

The link product itself is beautiful

Powerful motor cleaning is easy and competent

Dirty clothes can be put into washing

washing power


Strong power

Quiet Without Disturbing People

Energy saving and environmental protection

Adopt high efficiency and energy-saving pure copper motor

The whole machine runs smoothly and enjoys a quiet life

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